If you have a cookie question, the popular ones are addressed here. 

Q: Do your cookies come bagged? 

A: YEP! Always!

Even if you ask for them not to be, the answer is always they have to be bagged. It keeps them fresh with a heat sealer, safe in transit, and protects my product. 

Q: How long will the cookies last? 

A: The cookies will remain fresh in their heat sealed bags for up to 3 weeks.

I would recommend requesting freezing instructions if you will be using them after 3 weeks. 

Q: Do I have to order by the dozen? 

A: NO, but there is a minimum of 12 cookies per custom cookie orders. 

After that it is up to you. I will have the easy amounts in the Custom Cookie section- but you can also email for a custom quote if you need a number that doesn't follow the dozen math equation.  

Q: Are you gluten, dairy, or nut free? 

A: NO. 

I take allergies very seriously, and my kitchen/studio is not set up large enough to have a space fully dedicated to being gluten/dairy/nut free. So my products cannot and will not be labeled as such.  

Q: How early should I book my custom cookie order? 

A: As early as you can.

No date is secure unless you've booked through this website. Often, I have clients book in the date and amount of cookies and we can always touch base closer to the event in the theme is still unknown at the time of booking. 


If you are still stumped you can always email us at cleanslatecookies@gmail.com