About Clean Slate Cookies

Thanks for checking out our little crumb on the internet!! 
I am Ashley, owner, creator, baker, and artist of the cookies!! 
The other two members of the cookie crew are largest supporters, baggers, box makers, and best cheerleaders. 
We are really glad you are here! I love decorating cookies, watching a theme come to life,  teaching cookie classes, laughing a lot (mostly at myself ), and being included in all your fun events! 
Other than cookies (obviously), our favourite things to do are watch movies, fall hikes, travel to Disney World, spend the summers poolside, and enjoy our time together.
Clean Slate Cookies is my second cookie child. Back when my kiddo was 3, I started my first business; My Mama's Buttercream. It was a dream project birthed from infertility, grief, and moving forward. It was my love language to myself and seriously helped me heal! 
Unfortunately, with COVID, I like many businesses, didn't quite make it. The kitchen I was renting closed, sold, and quite literally sold my dreams with it. So I went back to work in an office job. I have lots of customer service experience, so I tapped back into that realm and have been there for the past 3 years. 
But I never lost my love for cookies. We have had cutters in storage for years, just waiting and ready. 
I am happy to report I AM BACK! I am so excited to be back to "cookie-ing" full time!
With a new chapter I felt like a new name was needed on the baking sheet and Clean Slate Cookies was born. As with all fresh starts this one is coming at ya fast, experienced, and ready to roll. 
(ya, I really did put that many baking puns in one bio!)
Thanks for joining, rejoining, and cheering us on!
We literally couldn't do this without you!! 
The Cookie Crew <3